New and innovative editorial formats for Europeana

New and innovative editorial formats for Europeana

img. Luca Missoni filmed by Giorgio Bosisio during the EFHA-interview in the Missoni archive. March 2021. In Copyright. Courtesy of European Fashion Heritage Association.

A new blog published on Europeana Pro shares the experience of the Europeana XX Editorial Team in creating podcasts and vlogs with audiovisual cultural heritage. These are editorial formats previously unexplored in the Europeana environment, and for this reason we can say that the Europeana XX – Century of Change project inaugurated new ways for Europeana storytelling.

In facts, there’s a big benefit to storytelling through podcasts: these are episodes easily spanning half an hour, which are perfect for audiovisual (AV) heritage reuse, and for digging deeper into topics than other Europeana editorial formats usually allow for. Also the vlog format is another tool that helps showcase and explore AV collections. Both ways of sharing collections are therefore maximizing the impact of partners collections at the core of Europeana XX, and enabled the project team to creatively experiment and gain useful experience that can be deployed.On the other hand, there is a complexity in the creation of these storytelling formats, and also complications about copyright linked to the reuse of AV content.

  • Discover challenges encountered and solutions identified in the Europeana Pro blog by Sofie Taes, that the Europeana XX Editorial Team shared for others to learn from!




Europeana XX is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility Programme of the European Union, under GA n. INEA/CEF/ICT/A2019/1932087



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