Aggregators Forum 2018, Berlin 22-23 March

Aggregators Forum 2018, Berlin 22-23 March

As part of the Aggregators Forum programme, the 2018 spring edition is co-organised by Europeana Foundation, the German Digital Library and the Institute for Museum Research, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and hosted by the State Library of Berlin.

Photoconsortium was present at the event with President Fred Truyen and Vicepresident Antonella Fresa.

During the meeting, partners and colleagues discussed about refining and aligning the responsibilities of aggregators (national, domain/thematic) and work out how collaboration between aggregators and with Europeana Foundation can be further improved, also following the work started during the Aggregators Forum meeting in Zagreb (November 2017). discussion was also launched for the next DSI-4 project, to follow up the work done in past years for quality and metadata improvement in Europeana collections.

The Aggregators Forum in Berlin also saw the presentation of the Europeana Standardized Training Playbook, a set of resources to support partners in providing content holders with appropriate information and metadata training for aggregation of content to Europeana portal and collections, that was realized by a taskforce where Photoconsortium metadata officer Valentina Bachi took active part in.


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