Celebrating Roger-Viollet’s 80th birthday – exhibition in Paris

Celebrating Roger-Viollet’s 80th birthday – exhibition in Paris

img. © Roger-Viollet.

On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the Roger-Viollet agency presents images from its exceptional archive collection, celebrating Paris through thirty photographs from 1870 to 1980 which illustrate history, architecture, daily life and the artistic and cultural life of the Ville Lumière.

Roger-Viollet is one of the big names of the French photographic heritage, because of the richness and diversity of its collections, covering more than a century and a half of Parisian, French and international history. Parisienne de Photographie / Roger-Viollet agency now distributes the iconographic collections of the City of Paris as well as the archives of photographers and international partner agencies.

The exhibited photographs are from the book “Paris & Roger-Viollet”, available in bookstores, published on the occasion of this anniversary, and sold in single print at the agency at 6 rue de Seine, Paris 6th.

The exhibition is hosted at the Bercy VIllage, until September 16th. Free access every day from 7am to 2am.

More info on Roger-Viollet agency: https://www.roger-viollet.fr/fr

Parisienne de Photographie is one of the founding members of Photoconsortium.


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