How to create more climate-friendly communications – webinar, 31/01/2023

How to create more climate-friendly communications – webinar, 31/01/2023

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Climate change is a topic of great relevance for the cultural heritage sector too.The threats that climate change poses to our planet, to humankind and to our culture are real. Collective climate action is needed more urgently than ever to reverse this momentum. The Europeana Network Association (ENA) Climate Action Community comes together to collaborate and advocate for change and to drive impactful, cooperative and sustainable action. We aim for wider systemic change within our organisations and networks.

Each small change in our everyday work can make a difference: a webinar is organized by the Europeana Foundation and ENA Climate Action community to discover some of the actions that you can take as a professional to make your communications more climate-friendly.

How to create more climate-friendly communications


Do you work in the digital cultural heritage sector? Do you write blogs? Manage a website? Or send a lot of emails? Every digital action has a climate impact, but in this workshop we will invite you to explore how to minimise this impact, create more eco-friendly communications – and discover why it is important.

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