Europeana Copyright office hours – audiovisual material for education

Europeana Copyright office hours – audiovisual material for education

The Europeana Copyright Community organizes a set of regular and informal calls with copyright experts and Europeana Network Association community members, to help make connections and explore a different approach to supporting the sector. These calls take place every 6 weeks and are not recorded.

On 20 May at 1pm CEST, the office hours will happen in collaboration with the Europeana Education Community, and in particular the Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom Taskforce, so we will focus on questions around educational reuse of audiovisual heritage.

You can come with any type of questions that are relevant to you, from very specific to very broad, or even general wonderings, as long as it is copyright and open access related.

You can add your questions and thoughts in advance into this Google document, which will lead the discussion:


Copyright office hours series:

Every 6 weeks there will be an informal online conversation, which will be moderated by members of the Europeana Copyright Community steering group. The idea is to use it to exchange thoughts on particular copyright challenges or questions. Participants choose the questions in advance, and this is what leads the discussions.

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