CRAFTED project is finalist at Lovie Awards

CRAFTED project is finalist at Lovie Awards

CRAFTED is an innovative project coordinated by the National Technical Univerity of Athens dedicated to promote crafts heritage in Europeana; and to celebrate artisans and crafters who created heritage by shaping and remaking culture through the ages, passing down legacies of skill, knowledge and manufacture. CRAFTED raised awareness about craft heritage and artisanship by publishing and promoting editorials on and other platforms. In total, CRAFTED partners published 23 blogs, 10 galleries and three online exhibitions, which are collected into a Making Culture page on A Youtube playlist also gathers together the more than 30 videos that were published during the project, featuring artisan heritage from five European countries (Greece, the Netherlands, France, Croatia, and Italy). The editorials cover craft heritage through a diverse range of topics: pottery, lace making, analogue photography, glassblowing, weaving, jewellery crafting and more.

The impact of this project is recognized already in the Internet community and CRAFTED was finalist in the category Art, Design and Heritage of the renowned Lovie Awards. This is the most prestigious, and the only, truly pan-European awards recognising European Internet excellence in the fields of culture, technology and business.

Read More about CRAFTED on Europeana Pro blog.

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