New workshop about darkroom by IMAGO Cultural Association

New workshop about darkroom by IMAGO Cultural Association

Workshop about darkroom by IMAGO

A new 12-hour workshop by IMAGO Cultural Association will take place in Pisa, Italy. During this workshop, that runs for 4 lessons, you will have the opportunity to learn how to develop your photographic negatives and print your best photos within the enchanting atmosphere of the darkroom.

The workshop will be divided into two main parts. The theoretical segment will cover topics such as negative materials, PE coated papers, baryta papers, developing and fixing, and toning. In the practical portion, you will delve into negative development, contact sheet printing, enlargement printing at 18×24 and 24×30, along with techniques for burning and dodging, as well as print finishing.

The workshop will be led by the photographer Rudy Pessina.

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IMAGO is a cultural no-profit association settled in Pisa, which was born in 2002 thanks to the effort and passion of a group of people who are in love with visual arts. President of IMAGO is photograph and photography expert Rudy Pessina. Photography plays the leading role for IMAGO, but also video-art, painting, drawing and many other artistic expressions are the subject of IMAGO’s activities. Even music, dance and theater are used to contaminate IMAGO’s events.

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