Dublin City Libraries invites to DRI Coffee Morning – Wednesday 26th July

Dublin City Libraries invites to DRI Coffee Morning –  Wednesday 26th July

dclDublin City Libraries is happy to share about the monthly coffee morning organized by the Digital Repository of Irland (DRI) on Wednesday 26th July from 10.00-10.30AM.

This session will be hosted by Aoife Coffey and Junwen Luo from the Irish Data Stewardship Network – SONRAÍ. The network is an action funded by the 2022 NORF funding call with the primary goal to establish a national network which will foster, enable and advocate for the development of research data stewardship and data stewards nationally.

There is no universal definition of data stewardship but, broadly speaking, a data steward is responsible for all the tasks associated with the management of research data throughout the life cycle of the project, including post project preservation and sharing as FAIR data. SONRAÍ aims to ensure Irelands transition to a FAIR and Open Research Data landscape by embedding data stewardship throughout our research processes.

You can register to join the coffee morning on DRI website.

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