Digital Archiving Futures hybrid event in Mikkeli (Finland) on September 4–6, 2024

Digital Archiving Futures hybrid event in Mikkeli (Finland) on September 4–6, 2024

Digital Archiving Futures


Research Centre Digitalia, together with other Mikkeli Memory Campus organizations, organizes a three-day hybrid event called Digital Archiving Futures on the 4–6 of September 2024 in Mikkeli, Finland and online stream.

The event is free of charge for participants and is part of the project “Memory Campus as an International Cluster for Information Management”, funded by the South Savo Regional Council from funds allocated to supporting the sustainable growth and vitality of regions.

Register to the event before June 24, 2024.

Programme and Speakers

The main themes of the conference will be Data Spaces, Artificial Intelligence, and Cluster Collaboration, featuring speakers from the GLAM sector and information management field from Finland and across Europe.

The “Data Spaces” theme of the event will cover perspectives on data space, shared data and also more specifically development activities in different networks related to this topic.

The “Artificial Intelligence” aspect will highlight future possibilities for the use of artificial intelligence in the archive, library and museum sector, as well as in the field of information management in general.

The “Collaboration” theme brings together the strong role of cooperations in creating the future, in terms of co-development and co-creation, ecosystem collaboration and interconnection with other actors to develop a common future and knowledge.

September 5’s program includes Europeana Network Association Board Member and Time Machine RFC Editor Juha Henriksson’s presentation “Europeana, Time Machine, and the European data space for cultural heritage”.

Take a look at the full schedule of the event.​

Get to know the speakers.

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