EUreka3D presented at CS3 2024 Conference at CERN (Geneva, CH)

EUreka3D presented at CS3 2024 Conference at CERN (Geneva, CH)

On the 13th of March 2024 the CERN, prestigious intergovernmental organisation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, hosted CS3 2024 Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing Conference as part of CERN’s TechWeek on Storage and Data Technologies.

Dr. Michał Orzechowski from Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET, one of EUreka3D partners, presented “Open Data Lifecycle Management with Onedata”  mentioned EUreka3D project as one of the case studies while referring to Onedata project.

The EUreka3D project addresses the growing need of enabling the digital transformation of the Cultural Heritage sector by modernising and reviewing internal processes of small institutions such as museums, galleries, libraries, archieves and archeological sites, by re-training their personnel to cope with the new digital responsibilities and roles, and by helping them review their infrastructure capacity, in particular with regard to the ability to process 3D contents.

Onedata is a high-performance data management system with a distributed, global infrastructure that enables users to access heterogeneous storage resources worldwide that is currently being used in many projects, including EUreka3D. Some of the key features of Onedata include:

  • Allowing users to establish a hierarchical structure of datasets, control multi-site replication and distribution using Quality-of-Service rules, and keep track of the dataset size statistics over time.
  • Supporting the annotation of datasets with metadata, which is crucial for organising and searching for specific data.
  • Protection mechanisms that prevent data and metadata modification, ensuring the integrity of the dataset in its final stage of preparation.
  • Archiving datasets for long-term preservation, enabling organisations to retain critical data for future use.
  • supporting of data-sharing mechanisms aligned with the idea of Open Data.

Watch the presentation here.


eu emblemEUreka3D project is co-financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.

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