Digital transformation in the time of COVID-19: join Europeana workshops

Digital transformation in the time of COVID-19: join Europeana workshops

As the cultural heritage sector faces unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of its digital transformation is more relevant than ever. We are delighted to launch a special series of workshops organized by Europeana addressing this topic and exploring capacity building for the cultural heritage sector.

Europeana works to empower the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation, and the COVID-19 crisis has made the need to embrace this transformation clearer than ever. The relevance of digital platforms, tools and experiences is now at the forefront of public minds and many institutions have increased or moved activities online; a recent NEMO survey found that more than 60% of the museums surveyed have increased their online presence since they were closed due to social distancing measures.

Beginning in early June, Europeana is offering selected groups of leaders in the cultural heritage sector the opportunity to participate in a free series of workshops facilitated by noted digital cultural strategists Michael Peter Edson and Jasper Visser.

Places are limites and in order to take part you are invited to register your interest here >>

Deadline for registration: by the end of Friday 22 May.

Final list of attendees will be communicated no later than 29 May.

The workshops will support participants to:

  • Develop strategic thinking around digital transformation that will support work at an institutional level.
  • Contribute to a broader discussion about digital transformation in the cultural heritage sector in a (post-)COVID-19 world.
  • Generate and share actionable insights and identify new paths through the COVID-19 crisis for digital culture.
  • Enhance our mutual capacity for longer-term planning beyond the immediate crisis.
  • Gain new perspectives from working with your peers and experts in digital cultural heritage.

These workshops form part of an ongoing process from the Europeana Initiative which aims to understand the needs of the cultural heritage sector with regards to capacity building in the context of digital transformation.

The workshops are open to thought leaders and innovators who work in the GLAM sector and GLAM organisations. Spaces are limited, and it is necessary to be a Europeana Network Member to participate (if you are not one already, it is free and simple to join, offers many benefits and you can sign up today.)


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