East Wing at Unseen Photo Fair 2016 (Amsterdam 23-25 Sept. 2016)

East Wing at Unseen Photo Fair 2016 (Amsterdam 23-25 Sept. 2016)


A few short weeks ago the International Geological Congress met in Cape Town, South Africa to debate if the Earth is in the midst of a new epoch. These experts have declared that man’s influence on our planet has caused such significant geological conditions and processes that the current epoch; the Holocene, which designates the last 12,000 years of climate stability since the ice age has now evolved into the anthropocene. A range of scientists have used this term to describe the influence human behaviour has made on the Earth’s atmosphere in recent centuries. These influences have directly contributed to drastic changes on our climate and the natural environment.

In response to these ongoing debates, East Wing presents Anthroposceneries at Unseen Photo Fair 2016; a series of imagery commenting on the ideas of the Anthropocene in varied ways. Through in-depth research and in some cases experimentation, the artists meditate on concepts of time, illness, decay,  energy and pollution resulting from the disruptions presently affecting our fragile ecosystems. The artists presented all seek a connection between science and art, developed through in-depth research. Time, decay, pollution and alternative energy are all topics explored. Unseen Photo Fair provides the perfect platform for the work of Mandy BarkerYann MingardMaija Tammi and Caleb Charland, with its focus on new photography, and recent developments by emerging and established artists. The works exhibited raise important questions and provoke debate about man’s contribution to the state of our exhausted globe.

East Wing, A New Platform for Photography, #12 Limestone House, DIFC, Ritz Carlton Annex
Dubai, United Arab Emirates www.east-wing.org

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