Photoconsortium at Euromed 2016 conference in Cyprus

Photoconsortium at Euromed 2016 conference in Cyprus

PHOTOCONSORTIUM is proud to announce the participation to the important Cultural Heritage event Euromed 2016 in Nicosia (Cyprus),  International Conference on Cultural Heritage Documentation, Preservation and Protection.

Monday 31 October 2016, 5 pm: participation to the panel organized by E-Space project

“Reusing Digital Cultural Heritage: Boosting Education, Audience Engagement, Business Creation”

More info on the panel and speakers at Official Media Partner:


Tuesday 1 November 2016, in the morning: speech by President prof. Fred Truyen in the session “From Data Acquisition to Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies in Cultural Heritage”

“PHOTOCONSORTIUM: digitizing Europe’s photographic heritage”

paper by A. Fresa, F. Truyen

Abstract: Photoconsortium is an association of photographic archives that contributed over 450.000images of early photography to Europeana. In this contribution we discuss lessons learned, in particularon digitization and copyright issues and describe the activities involved in managing state-of-the-artdigitized photographic archives. We discuss follow-on project activities such as Europeana Space, whichfocuses on creative reuse of digitized cultural heritage and the Europeana thematic photography channel.


Also, the conference will include the virtual exhibition All Our Yesterdays, accessible by the attendees in a dedicated corner.


Info and registration to Euromed conference:

The Euromed conference is organized by the Cyprus University of Technology – Digital Heritage Research Laboratory, a new member of PHOTOCONSORTIUM association.

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