Enrichments policy for the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Enrichments policy for the common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Title: Geology: various uncut gemstones, and the substrate in which they are found. Coloured lithograph. Wellcome Collection, UK, CC BY via Europeana.

The Europeana Initiative has been conducting activities around metadata enrichment of online cultural collections for several years, often developed in partnership with other organisations, projects and aggregators such as Photoconsortium. In order to better align metadata enrichments to the scopes of the common European data space for cultural heritage, a new Enrichments Policy was recently published that supports the conception and development of purposeful metadata enrichment actions, establishing a vision and a set of principles that guide enrichment efforts in a consistent way across projects, organisations and activities in the ecosystem in and around the data space.

This policy has been developed collaboratively by consulting and bringing in the views, priorities and concerns of stakeholders, also deriving from enrichment experiences observed in projects in which Photoconsortium has participated through the years, such as Fifties in Europe Kaleidoscope, Citizen Heritage, PAGODE Europeana China, Europeana XX, WEAVE.

Read more and download the policy here.

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