Going the ‘eXXtra’ mile: novel outreach routes to European audiences

Going the ‘eXXtra’ mile: novel outreach routes to European audiences

img. Retrat en automòbil, 1920/1930, Girona City Council, Public Domain.

The Europeana XX #CenturyOfChange project, focusing on the 20th century, has expanded the high quality curated collections on Europeana. The project also encouraged engagement through novel editorial formats and outreach activities.

To maximise the visibility of project activities and leverage the new collections contributed by partners, the project established a feature page dedicated to 20th century heritage on the Europeana website. As well as being a point of entry to the 20th century entity collection, the page contains a wide range of editorials. The themes aimed to reach a varied audience – from people interested in cinema history to educators looking for material on milestones in political history, and fashion lovers eager to revisit 20th-century trends.

Two exhibitions (A Century of technology and Family matters) and various blogs boasted a substantial amount of audiovisual collections, and furthermore, the Europeana XX podcast and vlog series were the first ever to be produced with Europeana content.

In addition, the project developed new tools for user engagement and content curation, such as the Europeana User Galleries tool, that allows users to create a personal account, keep track of favourite items, build collections and share them to others. Another tool developed by Europeana XX to help curators was the recommendation engine and recommendation API, integrated into the Europeana website and added to the Europeana API offer.

More technical work was also performed in the project to enable automatic and AI-based tools to enrich digital heritage collections with links to open thesauri and translations to English.

Read a full blog about Europeana XX outcomes on Europeana Pro.

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