I² Identity and Innovation, exchange of good practices for school education

I² Identity and Innovation, exchange of good practices for school education

img. screenshot taken during the virtual kick-off meeting.

A new Erasmus+ project was recently started, coordinated by the Heilig Hartinstituut Pedagogische Humaniora in Heverlee, Belgium.

The project I² Identity and Innovation is a cooperation between 2 secondary schools, 2 educational heritage service providers and 2 networking organisations in the field of cultural heritage, from Belgium the UK and Italy. It is aimed at developing a participative trajectory to create an integrated vision and creative solutions for a future-oriented innovation in European education enforcing at the same time its roots and making visible its identity.
The involved partners share the desire to seek a balance between the historic value of educational heritage and the need to create innovative surroundings for schools.In this project educational experts will develop new skills and ways of teaching and learning, also in the light of adapting their learning environment to a more modern and more digital teaching practice; while heritage experts will help make the rich variety of school heritage more visible and used in schools.

A kick-off meeting was held online on 22nd March, where partners met each other and started a detailed project planning for the various activities. The project includes a series of meetings and round tables, which may possibly be reorganized as online events due to the evolution of the covid pandemic.


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