The 7th Edition of the Jalón Ángel International Photography Award is open

The 7th Edition of the Jalón Ángel International Photography Award is open

The Jalón Ángel Photography Archive opens the Jalón Ángel International Photography Award for the seventh consecutive year. The third category this year is Consequences of COVID, that joins the already veteran Travel and Portrait categories.

The admission deadline is 16th May, 2021.
Entries can be submitted online at and the following link

The prize consists of €1,000, an emblematic statuette and a diploma for the winner of each category. In addition, the jury, formed by professionals in the field of photography of recognised national and international prestige, may grant special mentions for each category. The special category on Consequences of covid-19 is new in this edition. This series of images seeks to reflect the human and social consequences caused by the global covid-19 pandemic.

The director of the archive, dr. Pilar Irala-Hortal, states that “the Jalón Ángel Archive is very proud of the organisation of the award. Year after year national and international participation has grown, which allows us to be in close contact with the latest photographic production and contribute to the international growth of the winning photographers.

The winners of the award will be revealed on 29th June 2021 via the Jalón Ángel Archive website and its social networks (Facebook: Archivo Jalón Ángel and Twitter: @jalon_angel and Instagram archivo_jalon_angel). The archive will only contact winning entries.

This initiative was set up in 2014 as a tribute to the photographer Jalón Ángel (founder of the San Valero Professional School, origin of the San Valero Group) and to mark the 10th anniversary of San Jorge University. Ángel Hilario García de Jalón Hueto has been one of the most outstanding figures in portrait photography in Spain. In 1926, he settled in Zaragoza where he combined his most personal and creative photography, specialising in travel with urban and natural landscapes with his portrait work.

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