Jpeg Committee and Photoconsortium

Jpeg Committee and Photoconsortium

Following the already launched cooperation with the previous events in Warsaw and in Brussels, and in the light of possibly establishing a continuative cooperation, president Fred Truyen discussed about Photoconsortium during the private assembly of the JPEG Committee, held in Brussels on 14th October following the workshop on privacy and security.

Because of this ongoing liaison with JPEG, Photoconsortium can improve and enlarge the areas of activities to metadata and image encoding standards, taking a place besides other imporant networks as IPTC and CEPIC.

The collaboration with JPEG is strenghtened by recently welcoming VUB/iMinds, one of the most important partners of JPEG, as a member of Photoconsortium, represented by prof. Peter Schelkens and dr. Frederik Temmermans.

Download Fred Truyen’s presentation (PDF, 1.2 Mb)


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