A wealth of digitized images from KU Leuven’s archives published in Europeana!

A wealth of digitized images from KU Leuven’s archives published in Europeana!

img. from Egypt by KU Leuven, PD via Europeana.

In the framework of EU funded Europeana XX project, work is ongoing to both offer new digitized records for showcase in Europeana, the European digital library, and to improve the quality of existing records that were published in Europeana earlier. While the digitization and publication of records in Europeana in facts started since over a decade with no specific standard requirements on the quality of the provided materials, the Europeana Publishing Framework now foresees different levels of content and metadata quality, basing on the image resolution, availability for reuse, rich associated information with links to authority files and standard thesauri. The importance of offering high quality content with rich contextual information is in facts at the core of the Europeana strategy for reaching various kinds of audience and for fostering search, reuse and enjoyment of digitized cultural heritage.

As part of the Europeana XX project, partner KU Leuven recently release an upgrade of their collection in Europeana, including the publication of ca. 20.000 newly digitized objects from the immense university holdings and the improvement with open access rights and richer metadata of a bulk of existing records originally published in 2015. The upgrade was implemented by using Photoconsortium’s aggregation service based on the MINT software. The collection is very varied with portraits, historical documents, engravings, educational photographs of monuments, paintings and other cultural items used for teaching art history, also including a nice subset of early photographs taken in Egypt at the beginning of 1900. All the images are either in Public Domain or free to reuse.

Enjoy KU Leuven’s collection in Europeana!

Visit the Europeana XX Thematic Collection for more stories and materials relating to the history of the 20th Century.



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