‘Ladies shall be eligible’ – Women in the Photographic Society

‘Ladies shall be eligible’ – Women in the Photographic Society

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Online event: 8th March 2022 h. 20-21 CET

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022, Rose Teanby looks at some of the remarkable women photographers who joined the Photographic Society during Queen Victoria’s 47 years of patronage. Rose provides a fascinating insight in to who they were and their photography which ranges from 1850s collodion to early colour experiments by 1901. Queen Victoria became joint patron of the Photographic Society of London (later the Royal Photographic Society) in May 1853 and continued her support until her death in 1901. From its beginnings women were encouraged to join the Society at a time of widespread exclusion from many aspects of Victorian life, and this talk features women members of the society demonstrating their skill and enthusiasm for the new photographic art.

Rose Teanby is a PhD candidate at the Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, researching early women photographers 1839-1861. She is also an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Rose has spoken on various aspects of photographic history at the National Portrait Gallery, De Montfort University, Birmingham University, Newcastle upon Tyne Literary and Philosophical Society and New York Public Library.

This is part of a series of events to commemorate International Women’s Day. The talk is open to everyone and is free but space is limited and requires booking.

The presentation will be followed by a public Q+A. Zoom link will be sent in a PDF along with your booking confirmation. A recording will be available to registrants for a limited period after the event. 

LINK: https://rps.org/IWDtalk

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