Man Meets World, virtual interactive exhibition where vintage photography joins digital technologies

Man Meets World, virtual interactive exhibition where vintage photography joins digital technologies

On the occasion of the launch of Europeana Photography – the new online platform about early photography curated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM and Europeana – a sparkling event was organized in Pisa, at the premises of Museum of Graphics during the European Night of Museums on 20th May 2017.

As an added value for the attendees of the event and all the Museum’s visitors, a demo station was set up, for experimenting with an interactive virtual exhibition where vintage photography is enhanced by digital technologies.

The exhibition Man Meets World is based on the Pop-Up Museum tool, developed by Noterik in the framework of E-Space project, with which Photoconsortium actively collaborated in period 2014-2017. Man Meets World basically consists of a slide show of selected photographs about travels and must-see places of the Belle Epoque, accompanied by audio fragments describing the narratives behind the images on screen, placing them in their historical context.

The MuPop multiscreen technology allows any smartphone or mobile device to interact with a screen and enjoy virtual exhibitions with captivating storytelling. It is a tool designed for museums and other cultural institutions who can easily create and showcase quick virtual exhibitions to advertise their collections, or to easily engage visitors with specific content.

Digitized early photography is very good and suitable material for user engagement via this user-friendly and brilliant tool, as it is demonstrated with the Man Meets World exhibition in Pisa. A huge flux of visitors had the chance to try the tool with the support of experts, and were also happy to provide feedback, that is indeed very helpful for the developers in order to collect users’ impressions and evaluation of the tool. Interviews were also realized.

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