Museo della Carta di Pescia: Photoconsortium new member

Museo della Carta di Pescia: Photoconsortium new member

The Museo della Carta (Paper Museum) in Pescia has with time became a precious reference point for restorers, scholars, and bibliophiles. Its main goal is to preserve the ageless art of processing and manufacturing handmade paper and to raise awareness of the importance and evolution of paper production by preserving six centuries of tradition, spreading the culture and knowledge of one of the oldest communication means.

The building where the Paper Museum is located in one of the most important landmarks of industrial archaeology in Italy, Le Carte Paper Mill a factory that produced exclusively handmade paper since its establishment in 1712 until 1992, when it went out of business.

The Magnani Historical Archive was donated by Cartiera Magnani 2000 S.p.A. to the Pescia ETS Paper Museum Association in 2004 and is kept in the restored premises of the “Le Carte” paper mill. The Archive is currently being catalogued and once the inventory is complete it will be made available to all scholars and enthusiasts who wish to explore themes and aspects of the history of paper in Italy and beyond.

The Museum is aimed at a wide audience of scholars and students, enthusiasts and anyone else interested in exploring the history of paper and learn about its many secrets.

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