Photoconsortium and Europeana Collections at ECHIC 2018 conference

Photoconsortium and Europeana Collections at ECHIC 2018 conference

The Faculty of Arts of KU Leuven and KU Leuven Libraries hosted a European Conference for the Humanities on behalf of the European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres (ECHIC, The 2018 theme is “Equip & Engage: Research and Dissemination Infrastructures for the Humanities”.

Among the presentations, themed around digital scholarship and the role of digital infrastructures for the research and education in humanities, Sofie Taes and Fred Truyen (KU Leuven/Photoconsortium) illustrated the work done, the challenges and the potential of the thematic collections on Europeana Photography and on Migration, in a talk entitled Publishing Thematic Collections on Europeana – the Challenge of Big CH Repositories.

The presentation was focused on the metadata approach for digital visual collections as a tool for storytelling. It was also presented the work done by Photoconsortium metadata task force in the development of the Photography multilingual thesaurus that is a core activity in Europeana DSI3 project.

Programme of the event:


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