Photoconsortium discussed reuse of digital collections in Europeana Aggregators’ Forum outreach event

Photoconsortium discussed reuse of digital collections in Europeana Aggregators’ Forum outreach event

The Europeana Aggregators’ Forum organized its 5th outreach event online on 20 June 2024, dedicated to present the role of aggregators and cultural heritage institutions in publishing aggregated data for re-use in the common European data space for cultural heritage, and to hear from cultural heritage professionals, researchers, and other professional re-users how they work with the digital collections they find online.

In the context of this event, Valentina Bachi shared various insights about the work that Photoconsortium as association is doing to promote heritage collections in 2D and 3D, in the context of panel 1 “Presenting one’s own collections in a new context” moderated by Tom Miles (Europeana Sounds, The British Library) with participation of Kristina Rose (German Film Institute & Film Museum), and Marco Rendina (European Fashion Heritage Association).

Valentina, Kristina and Marco discussed together with Tom about the different concepts and requirements of use and reuse of digital heritage collection, also reflecting on the importance of data preparation according to different scenarios of reuse and the need of engaging with potential reuse stakeholders in different domains. The importance of high quality digitization and holistic documentation of cultural heritage, especially in 3D, was particularly stressed also in relation to the work that is ongoing in the context of EUreka3D project, coordinated by Photoconsortium and based on the relevant EU VIGIE 2020/654 Study on quality of digitization of tangible heritage.

Recording of the entire event will be available soon.

Additionally, Photoconsortium was showcased in a brief presentation that illustrated some of the activites deployed to foster teaching and learning with photographic and other digital cultural heritage collections, also with reference to the source collections and e-learning activities that Photoconsortium offered to Historiana, the online tool dedicated to teachers and students.




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