San Jorge University launches new expert course in Photographic Production and Management

San Jorge University launches new expert course in Photographic Production and Management

img. Camera obscura – Dollond. Tekniska museet CC BY via Europeana.

This training focuses on the interdisciplinary learning of photography and is designed and organized by the Jalón Angel’s Photographic Archive, an entity of the San Valero Group.

jalon-angelThe San Jorge University launches a new course of expert in Photographic Production and Management which main goal is the student gets formation in theory, technical learning and photographic practice, as well as in other specific and transversal areas of relevance for a photographer. This course will provide the student the basic knowledge and skills to communicate through the photographic image, as well as to know, understand and create projects for commercial, editorial and documentary fields.

In addition to the conceptual reflection, we will also work with the technical and creative learning through practices with photographic genres. It will also include specific modules on digital post-production, the regulations (law) that affects the photographer, the management of archives and the design of exhibition projects, among other topics.

The course, which will last for six months, will begin in October 2019 and is held on Thursdays and Fridays, from 4 to 8 PM at San Jorge University. There are possibility of bonuses for the course fee.

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