SOLID-based Decentralised Aggregation Task Force in Europeana

SOLID-based Decentralised Aggregation Task Force in Europeana

images from Zoom meeting on 16/11/2022.

In the context of development paths for the Europeana aggregation architecture and processes, there is a vision to explore a more decentralised approach making use of the SOLID protocol, which – among other decentralised approaches to data sharing – is rising interest in the digital cultural heritage sector.

On 16th November 2022, the kick-off meeting including various Europeana Aggregators and partners took place for a new task force within the EAF Europeana Aggregators Forum to familiarise the aggregators with the broad span of innovation on decentralisation (in heritage and other domains) and to assess opportunities, challenges, benefits and feasibility of transitioning to these technologies and approaches.


Core of the work in the task force will be a consultation process to derive a document accessible to the strategic technical and non-technical audience, including the following:

  • High-level introduction into decentralised technologies presenting various approaches and initiatives with a specific focus on comparing a “classic” Linked Data approach and a SOLID-based approach to the Data Space (complementing the work of ENA/EuropeanaTech’s Task Force on Linked Data).
  • Survey of the aggregation landscape from the perspective of decentralised aggregation: challenges and opportunities
  • State of the art and recommendations to Europeana and to the aggregators wishing to make the transition towards the Data Space


This action and blog are part of the European Data Space for Cultural Heritage activities, financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.

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