European data space for cultural heritage: kick-off meeting

European data space for cultural heritage: kick-off meeting

image: cc-by-sa Europeana Foundation.

all images in this post are screenshots from the Zoom meeting, courtesy of European data space for cultural heritage project.

The common European data space for cultural heritage is an initiative of the European Union and funded under the European Union’s Digital Europe programme, which was announced in Commission Recommendation C(2021)7953 of 10 November 2021.

The project builds on and expands the existing functionalities and services of the Europeana DSI Digital Service Infrastructure. The new service is provided by a consortium of 19 partners, coordinated by the Europeana Foundation. Formally started on 1 September 2022, the official kick-off meeting took place on 24/11/2022 in a long Zoom session, perfectly moderated and conducted by Europeana, where all the consortium partners could interact and discuss the implementation plan for the next two years.

Opened with keynote speeches by Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak (Head of the unit ‘Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education’ at European Commission) and Harry Verwayen (General Director at Europeana Foundation), and brightened with a short artistic footage of birds’ murmuration by videoartist Jan van Ijken, the meeting unfolded around three key topics:

Topic 1: How do we build a successful 3D campaign? moderated by Valentine Charles: In this session we discussed the key elements of a successful campaign on 3D for the Data Space for Cultural Heritage: from content sourcing and engagement with the CHIs, to the digitisation workflow, the data model and publishing frameworks needed, and possible reuse scenarios.

Topic 2: How do we develop a strong capacity building programme? moderated by Julia Fallon: In this session we highlighted several key aspects of our capacity building programme and discuss how this can scale across our networks.

Topic 3: How do we encourage reuse? moderated by Hannah Baker Hitzhusen: With years of successful aggregating in place and a website more and more functional (e.g., search, user galleries), we went deeper in this session on how to connect with those who can benefit from what the Data Space for Cultural Heritage can offer. What do audiences who use and reuse need from us to do so?

It was great to meet with new and known colleagues who are collaboratively working to make the Data Space for Cultural Heritage an opportunity and a benefit for all the actors, big and small, in the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector.

A next appointment to discuss about the Data Space and how to participate is on 15th December 2022 at EAF Europeana Aggregators Forum outreach event, as a place to find out more about collecting, maintaining, and increasing discoverability of content in the context of the Data Space.

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