The marriage of art, nature and photography in Tuscany: at Pontremoli Foto Festival, 20-30 July 2017

The marriage of art, nature and photography in Tuscany: at Pontremoli Foto Festival, 20-30 July 2017

Pontremoli Foto Festival has a new name and returns from 20th to 30th July 2017 to the suggestive historic centre of Pontremoli with 11 main exhibitions by our guest photographers, exhibited in some of Pontremoli’s historical sites, churches and buildings alongside the main exhibitions there
will be another 100 photographs, which are part of the Circuito Off, these will be shown in restaurants, cafés, shops and artisan shops in the historic centre of this Tuscan town, that will become “City of Photography” for ten days. Like last year, there will be workshops and meetings during the two weekends, that is four days dedicated to the art of photography.

The event, which is organised by the cultural association Lunicafoto in collaboration with the Comune of Pontremoli and Sigeric – Services for Tourism – propose to unite ‘the free movement of the photographic thought’ with the discovery of this beautiful territory. The idea is to focus the festival in the historic centre, to live and discover this beautiful Tuscan town with tours arranged by Sigeric that are offered during this period and the two workshops that are arranged for Sunday 23rd and Saturday 29th July – the first workshop is on reportage and editing with a true master of photography, Graziano Perotti; the second “flashante” street photography, is a Summer Carnival Photowalk with Salvatore Matarazzo, known in the photographic world for his unique style.

The choice for each ‘expo’ space has been carefully selected, such as the beautifully frescoed Palazzo Dosi-Maganvacca which will be used as a location for talks given by the guest photographers. Here in this splendid baroque building the 13 guest photographers of this year’s edition will appear and discuss their work in this order: Andrea Boccalini, Benedetta Falugi, Graziano Perotti, Ottavio Maedusi, Giorgio Galimberti, Angelo Cucchetto, Simone Conti, Salvatore Matarazzo, Ciro Cortellessa con Paola Ascani, Davide Cerati e Silvio Canini.

Pontremoli Foto Festival has decided to bet on a culturally rich area such as Lunigiana for an ambitious, but always authentic, marriage of art, nature and photography. The inauguration is on Thursday 20th July and closure will be 10 days later.

Information on exhibitions and complete programme of events, or other information can be found on the website and on the Facebook page

The exhibitions from 20th to 30th July are:
• Corviale by Andrea Boccalini in Cantina di San Nicoò
• Cosa cherchi, il mare? by Silvio Canini in La Vecchia Osteria
• Nitido. Completely Out of Focus by Davide Certi in Palazzo Galli Bonaventuri
• Trasparenze by Simone Conti in Foyer of Teatro della Rosa
• La Terra Altrove by Ciro Cortellessa, words by Paola Ascani, in Sala dei Sindaci
• Lost in Elements by Benedetta Falugi in Vetrina della Città
• MITOraj by Giorgio Galimberti at Teatro della Rosa
• Amici miei by Ottavio Maledusi in Chiesa di San Geminino
• Darwin is ‘Street’ by Salvatore Matarazzo in Vetrina della Città
• P/P/P Place Planner Project by Sara Munari in Palazzo Galli Bonaventuri
• 40 anni dopo by Fortman Studios Florence in Palazzo Galli Bonaventuri

Graziano Perotti’s exhibition Ora et Labora is already open for viewing until the 30th of July, situated in the ex Convento dei Padri Cappuccini , as part of the event “Obiettivo sulla Via Francigena”.

Download the programme (PDF, 92 Kb)


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