WEAVE final conference, in Girona and online – 16th September 2022

WEAVE final conference, in Girona and online – 16th September 2022

The WEAVE project is excited to invite you to our final conference hosted by CRDI in Girona which will explore the connections between tangible and intangible heritage, cultural communities and the process of digital transformation of cultural heritage organisations.

The programme, that will be available via online streaming too, will open up with several keynote speakers, continue with presentations of the main project outcomes and of the effort in building the capacity of cultural heritage institutions for digital transformation and better engagement with communities.

After the talks, for the participants in Girona a networking lunch and a digital exhibition will give the floor to all participants to engage in a lively discussion following the inspiration drawn from the programme.

To conclude the event, an interesting workshop about photogrammetry digitization will illustrate modern techniques to create accurate and high quality 3D models of cultural heritage objects, with a particular focus on heritage photography.

More info and registration: https://weave-culture.eu/conference/

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