Europeana Photography: launch statistics

Europeana Photography: launch statistics

On May 22, after the vernissage event in Pisa, the new website dedicated to early photography, curated by PHOTOCONSORTIUM and Europeana, has been publicly launched with a dissemination campain online.

We are proud to report that the feedback we received from the public was overwhelming. It is the most successful launch of a collection that Europeana experienced so far.

Explore the collection at

The statistics were presented at the PHOTOCONSORTIUM annual event in Girona last week.

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The first virtual exhibition included in the collection, “Industrial Photography in the Machine Age“, also provided the PHOTOCONSORTIUM members who collaborated to it with a very good performance in terms of visitors’ interaction:

  • TopFoto – 874 page views
  • Parisienne de Photo – 399 page views
  • United Archives – 2316 page views
  • Generalitat de Catalunya – 415 page views
  • Ajuntament de Girona – 1120 page views
  • The Israel Museum – 569 page views
  • Alinari – 170 page views

Download the full presentation on Europeana Photography statistics (PDF, 1,4 Mb)



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