Alinari Archives at EVA Florence 2018

Alinari Archives at EVA Florence 2018

EVA: Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts: the key aim of this annual event in Florence is to provide a forum for the user, supplier and scientific research communities to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and plans in the wide area of Culture & Technology. The event, including a workshop on Innovation and enetrprise, sessions on various topics for culture developments and application, an international forum on culture and technology and exhibition on advanced technology and art, takes place in Florence on 9-10 may 2018

In the session 3 NEW TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENTS & APPLICATIONS, that he also chairs, Andrea de Polo from Fratelli Alinari, one of the Photoconsortium members, presents a talk entitled “Latest Innovation on Capturing Historical Photographic Ethereogenous Material: The Alinari Experience”.

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