Fotomuseum Antwerp: Photoconsortium new member

Fotomuseum Antwerp: Photoconsortium new member

Fotomuseum Antwerp (FOMU) is one of the most prestigious and leading museums of photography in Europe. As an open house, it aims to create dialogue and connect with its audiences, collecting and managings unique collections of photo images, equipment and photo books, creating ambitious exhibitions that contextualize and connect photographic heritage from the Flanders. FOMU has a collection of more than 4 million objects, managed by a collection plan that was drawn up specifically to manage such a vast collection. This plan provides insight into the composition and significance of the collection and describes the priorities and strategy for valuing and using it best.

FOMU’s image collection now consists of more than 900,000 images of both historical and contemporary photography, art and documentary photography, as well as free and applied photography. The collection is also representative of the history of photography in terms of printing techniques and includes daguerreotypy, glass plates, autochromes, negatives, slide positives, contact prints, photo publications and more. Additionally, the FOMU’s collection of photographic equipment shows the development of photographic technology from camera obscura to the digital camera, including objects from European, American, Russian and Japanese manufacturers, as well as light meters, projectors and lab equipment. With 23,000 objects, the FOMU’s equipment collection is very diverse and extensive. Furthermore, the FOMU library collection comprises more than 30,000 titles and contains relevant publications from the very beginning of photography to the most recent trends and developments.

FOMU is committed to international ICOM standards in the field of collection, storage, disclosure and research of the collections. The museum has been one of the nationally recognized museums since 2009, the highest quality level in Flanders.

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