NEW! Europeana portal updated for a fresh experience!

NEW! Europeana portal updated for a fresh experience!

image from Europeana – Foto Lux, Ajuntament de Girona/CRDI, Public Domain.

After much work on improving the beta version, the updated Europeana collections website is now live and available.


As the Executive Director Harry Verwayen just said “We now feel confident that we are releasing a much-improved website that is faster, easier to explore, more accessible, and offers exciting new ways to discover collections. Further improvements will be introduced in the coming months and we invite you to continue sharing your comments and thoughts on making this a superior user experience. We hope you enjoy it, and we welcome your feedback to help us make it an even better experience.”

If you are nostalgic for familiar features, the previous version of the website remains available under

Find out more about the new website and the latest improvements on Europeana Pro.


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