Webinar on Copyright & Open Access for GLAMs

Webinar on Copyright & Open Access for GLAMs

The Europeana Copyright Community announced on 26 March a webinar informally organized by Creative Commons, about Copyright and Open Access for GLAMs. The webinar included presentations by Ariadna Matas (Europeana Copyright Policy Advisor), Sarah Pearson (Creative Commons), Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter) and Scann (Creative Commons).

The webinar was particularly interesting for discussing the challenges that the profession is facing when it comes to copyright, and also how to share relevant information with users now that they’re engaging with digital collections more than ever.

At this link there is an edited version of the conversation, organized in a set of questions.

  • What can be shared from the collection of my institution at this moment?
  • Can I do a digital exhibit of an author that is alive, an author in the public domain, and an author that died a while ago but is still not out of copyright? What kind of solution would be good for this?
  • What is the role of fair use and limitations and exceptions in this context?
  • My museum is running a social media campaign to encourage people to engage with us by creating their own content. What should we do with the copyright of the content that people are sharing with us?
  • Is this the time to implement an Open Access Policy?
  • I already have an Open Access policy and a digital engagement strategy, what’s up for me?
  • So what happens when the dust settles? What are your thoughts for the future?
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