Open call for artists – project ANGLES: Missionary films from colonial contexts

Open call for artists – project ANGLES: Missionary films from colonial contexts

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CALL FOR ARTISTS from KADOC – KU Leuven’s project ANGLES, a new heritage project that aims to create a space for collaborative reflection about the future of colonial and missionary audiovisual archives, and wishes to explore the potential of their creative reuse. ANGLES takes the recently restored and digitized film collection of the Missionaries of Africa (the White Fathers) as its starting point. Mainly shot in today’s DR Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi, these films are a remarkable exponent of post-war Belgian colonial and missionary film.

ANGLES - 150609264_3798678200251894_2750670004555583204_nANGLES invites artistic perspectives and interventions to elucidate the context of the creation of the White Father films and the social relations they reflected and perpetuated, to interrogate the viewpoints of the film makers and their attitudes towards local groups, and to take account of those who were being directed and filmed.

An OPEN CALL is currently available for applications untile 15th March 2021: addressing creative practitioners (preferentially but not exclusively) residing in the DRC, Rwanda or Burundi, or of Congolese, Rwandese or Burundian heritage, with proven experience with and interest in archives, audiovisual heritage and/or colonial history. We invite proposals for artworks (in any form and any medium) rooted in a reflective dialogue with the White Fathers’ films that engages with questions regarding:

  • colonial and missionary heritage and the coloniality of historical knowledge
  • colonial and missionary archives as socio-political structures
  • notions of ownership and custodianship of colonial and missionary archives and postcolonial art
  • digital heritage, digital sharing and restitution
  • ethical issues in the digitization of cultural heritage
  • African culture and the digital


ANGLES project:


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