Out-of-commerce Works Datathon / EUIPO

Out-of-commerce Works Datathon / EUIPO

The 2019 Copyright Directive brought forward a solution to clear copyright on out of commerce works.

To benefit from this solution, cultural heritage institutions need to publicise their intention to make datasets available online via the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) out of commerce works portal.

To help Cultural heritage Institutions who intend to make use of this solution, the EUIPO, in collaboration with Europeana, is launching a Datathon during which the EUIPO will guide participants through the various steps of the process (so that, as a result, the rights to legally share out of commerce works from online collections are cleared).

There will be various online sessions, and time in between the sessions for institutions to prepare the data in sight of sharing through the EUIPO portal.

More specifically, the Datathon will consist of:

  • a first online session on the 26 April to give information on how to identify what is and isn’t an out of commerce work
  • followed by a session on the 10 May to walk through the key functionalities of the portal
  • and another session on the 24 May to help prepare the relevant datasets of out of comerce works for bulk upload to the portal
  • and a closing event on the 28 June both face to face at the EUIPO HQ in Alicante (that some participants will be invited to join) and online

All sessions will consist on a presentation and time for an informal discussion amongst participants.

They will take place from 10h30 to 12h CEST via zoom.

Interest to participate in the event shall be confirmed by completing and submitting the online registration form via the below link by 19 April. The event is open to any cultural heritage professionals interested in the topic.

For additional information, please reach out to outofcommerceworks@euipo.europa.eu (Ms. Kaisa Unander, tel. +34 96513 8662).

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