Tales from PAGODE: Cloud collars

Tales from PAGODE: Cloud collars

img.: collar/Han woman’s – white and black satin, embroidered with butterflies, birds, flowers etc in brightly coloured silks, gold thread and silver braid; formed of shaped flaps sewn to neck band, tassels at points (worn by Han ladies); Nottingham City Museums and Galleries, CC-BY-NC-SA via Europeana.

Flows of people, objects and knowledge went back and forth between Europe and China across centuries, and are witnessed by a wealth of China-related cultural heritage preserved in European Institutions.
Discover the interesting stories that are told in digitized collections available on Europeana, carefully curated and selected by the Editorial Team of EU funded PAGODE – Europeana China project.

Today’s gallery is about “Cloud collars“: The yün-chien or cloud collar is a four- or eight-lobed ornamental piece of fabric boasting an intricate pattern. As early as the middle ages it was worn in China as an actual collar on top of a robe.

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