Photoconsortium at IMAGE & RESEARCH Girona

Photoconsortium at IMAGE & RESEARCH Girona


The important international event organized in Girona “Image and Research” (Palau de Congressos, 22-23 November 2018) gathers professionals from any field of image creation, conservation and dissemination. The prominence of the image in today’s society and in various fields has been established, for information, creation or interpersonal communication – and this raises new challenges for archives and cultural institution about how to leverage their image assets to cope with digital age.

Photoconsortium will be represented at the conference by Frederik Truyen and Sofie Taes with a paper presentation entitled “Telling the story: a curation driven approach to image metadata improvement and development”, which will illustrate our experiences for metadata improvement and user engagement, particularly in the framework of Europeana DSI and Migration projects.

As for other Photoconsortium members, one of the opening speeches will be delivered by Frederik Temmermans (imec), about the “Intergrity of digital images” on the first day 22/11; while David Iglesias Frank will moderate a discussion space “In search of new audiences” on Friday the 23rd and also present a paper about tools for digital preservation: “El projecte Preforma. Funcionalitats i potencialitats en la perspectiva del CRDI”.

The full agenda of the conference is availabe here:

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