Aggregators Forum Autumn 2018

Aggregators Forum Autumn 2018

img. from the screen Europeana Publishing Framework, courtesy of Sofie Taes.

Thanks to the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and SPK, who hosted the event, the 2018 edition of the Autumn Aggregators Forum took place in Berlin on 23-24 October.

44964269_2154892608091783_6343704779667013632_nDuring the meeting, participants from all over Europe discussed and progressed towards an accreditation scheme for those organizations who already are, or wish to become, aggregators to the Europeana service.The role of aggregators is extremely important for supporting – technically and practically – cultural institutions at any level in opening their collections and sharing them via the Europeana portal. For this reason, at the Aggregators Forum it was also discussed an important element for Aggregators sustainability: the advocacy campaign. other important topics addressed in the forum related to the recent evaluation of Europeana and the way forward, and the evolution of the Europeana Publishing Framework with a focus on the metadata component and related aspects.

Not only PHOTOCONSORTIUM was a protagonist of the meeting, sharing the experience as expert hub for heritage photography and the work done as aggregator for Europeana, but a presentation of the new project 50s in Europe Kaleidoscope was nicely delivered to the colleagues.

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