Tourism in marginal areas: Islamic heritage in Sicily

Tourism in marginal areas: Islamic heritage in Sicily

img. Pizzo Monaco, Islamic fortified granary | Pizzo Monaco, granaio fortificato di epoca islamica by Pietro Masi – 2022 – Promoter Digital Gallery, Italy – CC BY via Europeana.

Stemming from the partnership with INCULTUM H2020 project dedicated to promote cultural tourism in Europe, PHOTOCONSORTIUM aggregated a selected collection of contemporary travel photography in Europeana.

As a curatorial effort to promote the reuse of cultural collections in the area of tourism, a number of nice Europeana galleries was also created, to discover unknown or lesser known locations and stories of communities in Europe.

Today we present “Islamic heritage in Sicily“.

“Siqilyya ğannat ˀal arḍ- Sicily is Garden Paradise on Earth” is an itinerary to enhance the cultural, material and intangible heritage of the N-W coast of Sicily, deeply influenced by Islamic culture. Around the ‘600 there were the first islamic arrivals in Cossyra – now Pantelleria; the arrivals culminated in 827 with the landing in Capo Granitola and the Islamic occupation of the Region, which generated the blossoming of a cultural stratification and peaceful cohexistence of cultures.

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This action and blog are part of the European Data Space for Cultural Heritage activities, financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.

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