3D in Cultural Heritage, EUreka3D event in Rome, 6 June 2023

3D in Cultural Heritage, EUreka3D event in Rome, 6 June 2023

The first public event of EU funded project EUreka3D is organized by project coordinator Photoconsortium in Rome on 6th June 2023. The conference 3D in Cultural Heritage is integral part of the DH-CH 2023 initiative on Data Science, and is realized by EUreka3D project in collaboration with University of Basel Digital Humanities Lab and Istituto Svizzero.

3D in Cultural Heritage is an event of the training and capacity building programme of EUreka3D project, to support cultural heritage institutions in the process of digital transformation and in the effort of advancing with 3D digitization of cultural collections.

The event will help understanding the challenges and needs for creating 3D content in good quality and reusable, and it will bring together experts and specialists on 3D digitization and holistic documentation of 3D cultural content. It is the best occasion for institutions, researchers, cultural professionals and students in cultural heritage to improve their skills, knowledge and capacity for the current scenario of digital transformation in the cultural sector.

After the welcome messages from the Istituto Svizzero, the University of Basel and Dr. Mauro Fazio, Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy, the event opens with an introduction on EUreka3D project by Dr. Antonella Fresa (Photoconsortium), the project coordinator.

Then, the event is organized in two sessions.

During Session 1, will be discussed the current scenario of development in the cultural heritage sector, and why reusable 3D content in good quality is needed: keynote speeches from Valentine Charles (Europeana), Marinos Ioannides (Cyprus University of Technology) and Frederik Temmermans (VUB/imec) will provide the most recent information on the trends of the cultural heritage sector, and best practices and technological insights on the matter of 3D digitization of heritage sites and collections.

After that, during Session 2, the event will focus on important experiences of international projects dedicated to 3D digitization and the use of 3D in cultural heritage, with the contributions of Timothy Naessens (meemoo),  Ismo Malinen (Museovirasto), Peter Fornaro and Vera Chiquet (University of Basel), and Ana Busom Arruebo (GENCAT).

Question and answer time will allow the participants to interact with the speakers and join the conversation.

3D in Cultural Heritage
Istituto Svizzero
Villa Maraini, Via Liguria 20, 00187 Rome
6th June 2023 h. 9.30 -13.15 CEST

h. 9.30 Opening

  • Welcome messages by Istituto Svizzero and University of Basel
  • Welcome message by Dr. Mauro Fazio, Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy
  • Introduction on EUreka3D project and scope of the event, by Dr. Antonella Fresa, Photoconsortium

Session 1 – Current scenario in the cultural sector: the need for 3D content in good quality and reusable

  • h.10.00 Valentine Charles (Europeana Foundation, NL): The new Data Space for Cultural Heritage
  • h. 10.20 Marinos Ioannides (Cyprus University of Technology, CY): The VIGIE Study for high quality 3D digitization
  • h. 10.40 Frederik Temmermans (imec, BE): Standardisation activities for 3D modalities

Question and answer time

Coffee break

Session 2 – Experiences with projects for 3D in cultural heritage

  • h. 11.40 Vera Chiquet (University of Basel, CH): Facilitating small CHIs in digitization for 3D Models, a case study with the Museum of Learning
  • h. 12.00 Ismo Malinen (Museovirasto, FI): 3D digitization of World Heritage Sites in Finland
  • h. 12.20 Timothy Naessens (meemoo, BE): 3D digitization of sculptures in the context of GIVE Flemish masterpieces project
  • h. 12.40 Ana Busom Arruebo (GENCAT, ES): Giravolt, the National project for 3D digitization of Catalan heritage

Question and answer time

h. 13.15 Conclusion

To download the flyer of the event (853 KB, PDF), click this link.



eu emblemEUreka3D project is co-financed by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union.


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