Europeana Photography Pictures in Focus: Migrants, then and now

Europeana Photography Pictures in Focus: Migrants, then and now

img.: The deck of a ship full of emigrants arriving at Ellis Island, 1913, Agence Rol, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Public Domain via Europeana.

Today’s Europeana Photography Picture in Focus is a photograph taken on board a ship arriving at Ellis Island in the early 20th century and commented by Manuele Buono, one of the founder members of Photoconsortium.

“This picture makes me realise that we have forgotten – or not yet sufficiently studied – the history of migration. Because since prehistoric times, men and women from all corners of the globe have tried to preserve and improve their existence by taking up the gauntlet and abandoning their house and homeland.”

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And visit the online exhibition on Europeana  Leaving Europe: A New Life in America

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