IMATGE i RECERCA 2022, conference in Girona 16-18 Nov. 2022

IMATGE i RECERCA 2022, conference in Girona 16-18 Nov. 2022

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The important Image and Research conference took place in Girona on 16-18 November 2022.The Imatge i Recerca (Antoni Varés Conference) has been held in the city of Girona since 1990. This event brings together every two years experts and the public interested in debating, reflecting and teaching different aspects related to the management of photographic and audiovisual heritage.

Photoconsortium’s President David Iglésias Franch and the team at CRDI organized and hosted a perfect event where a number of colleagues from the cultural heritage and audiovisual sector delivered interesting talks.

Programme of talks and presentations (PDF, 2 Mb)

Among the others, the Digital Humanities Lab of University of Basel, represented by Peter Fornaro and Vera Chiquet, discussed interoperability in computational photography; while Marc Hernandez of La Tempesta presented the major work done in 3D digitization of daguerreotypes from CRDI’s collections. Brecht Declercq from Meemoo, the Flemish institute for Archives, discussed about AV digitization and sustainable storage and access. Moderated by David Iglésias, an important panel about IP and protection of people’s image saw presentations and discussion of European lawyers among whom Ariadna Matas, expert in EU copyright and policy advisor at the Europeana Copyright Community. Also, Photoconsortium’s Vicepresident Antonella Fresa discussed experiences in metadata curation and communities engagement.

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