Photoconsortium annual event, Pisa 4-5 May 2016

Photoconsortium annual event, Pisa 4-5 May 2016

photos Rudy Pessina – In the photo above, members of the PHOTOCONSORTIUM International Association with Prof. Alessandro Tosi and Dr. Maria Cioni (from Museo della Grafica), before the General Assembly.

On the occasion of Photoconsortium general assembly, a public seminar is organized on the theme of

Virtual Museums and Photographic Heritage“.

Virtual museums are not the simple transposition of a real museum on the Internet. They are not only archives of digitized cultural objects. Virtual museums are instead complex and interactive systems that allow access to a broader level of knowledge, experience, emotions.

What role can the photographic heritage play in this new context of exhibitions and digital services?

What changes must implement the photographic archives to meet the new challenges of the digital world?

Why should Creative Industries feel attracted by the Photographic Heritage?

The seminar offered the opportunity to hear the opinion of technical and academic experts, observe demonstrations of innovative museum services, and learn about the collections of archives associated to Photoconsortium, the International Association for the enhancement of photographic heritage.

Attendance was FREE.

Venue: Pisa (Italy), Museum of Graphics, Palazzo Lanfranchi Lungarno Galileo 9

Date: 4 May 2016


14.30 Registration

15.00 Introduction to the event by Antonella Fresa, Promoter SRL. Vicepresident of Photoconsortium Association

15.10 Welcome message by Mauro Fazio, Italian Ministry of Economic Development. Coordinator of CIVIC EPISTEMOLOGIES project

15.20 Prof. Fred Truyen, KU Leuven. President of Photoconsortium Association
Through the looking glass: reliving the past and revisiting the present through photographic heritage (presentation PDF, 9 MB)

16.00 David Iglésias, CRDI Girona City Council
MFGI. A Virtual Photographic Museum for Archives Masterpieces (presentation PDF, 2 MB)

16.40 Ismo Malinen, The National Board of Antiquities in Helsinki
The Picture Collections of The National Board of Antiquities and publishing its Photographic Heritage 2015 – 2016 (presentation PDF, 6 Mb)

17.00 Elisa Bianchi, University of Florence
CAPUT (Cinema Art Landscape University Tuscany) 2015-2017 / Filming The Arts (video MOV, 370 Mb)

17.30 John Balean, TopFoto
Bull in a China Shop / images from TopFoto (presentation PDF, 35 Mb)

18.00 Frank Golomb, United Archives
Mining economic value of Photographer Lifeworks by creating public attention – the lifework of Erich Andres (presentation PDF, 600 Kb)

18.30 Greetings by Prof. Alessandro Tosi, University of Pisa. Director of Museum of Graphics

Aperitif and networking

Organized by Promoter SRL in collaboration with Association Imago.

Invitation (PDF, 1 MB)

Poster (PDF, 8 MB)

The annual assembly of Photoconsortium members followed on the 5th May.


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