“Why so serious ?!” – the Belgian capital through the eyes of (professional) photographers.

“Why so serious ?!” – the Belgian capital through the eyes of (professional) photographers.

img. © KIK-IRPA BALat.

Photographic exhibition – from 7 till 24 May, opening hours: 9 am till 8 pm
KU Leuven Campus Brussel
Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 26, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Belgium has recently been viewed as a bureaucratic mess, reigned by a dangerous, grey capital. Terrorist attacks, the presence of the military and violent uprisings have done no good to Brussels overall image, yet there is another side to Brussels. A more interesting and dynamic side. A joyful and intriguing side. It’s that side that forms the foundations of “Why so serious ?!”
“Why so serious ?!” is a free exhibition about Belgium’s capital and its inhabitants. It breathes new life into Brussels surrealism and resurrects the funny and whimsical side of the city’s residents. The exhibition shows Belgian lovely capital through the eyes of (professional) photographers.

The vernissage was on 7th May, also attended by Photoconsortium president Fred Truyen with Erik Buelinckx from KIK-IRPA. Photos via Facebook.

This photography exhibition combines three different aspects:

1. Historical

By drawing upon the Europeana archive, the basis of our exhibition, which centers around 20th century pictures, is outlined. However, they are not just any pictures. They are the funny pictures of our crazy grannies acting weird.

2. Contemporary

The Europeana pictures have been elaborated and supported by a selection of works by emerging young talents and by students of the best photography schools in Brussels.

3. Amateur

As our exhibition is one for the people, it is also one by the people. By holding a competition, Belgian citizens were invited to join us in our journey to change the city’s image and to find back its surrealistic side. The best pictures will be exhibited.

Website: https://www.whysoseriousbxl.com/

The exhibition “WhySoSerious”, photography contest and other related activities are organised by the KU Leuven Master students in the Cultural Studies.


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