Cultural Heritage institution Annuntiaten Heverlee CEAH has its roots in the religious institute of the same name. It is a small but professional organisation recognised by the Flemish Government. The school was built in 1894-1896 in the middle of nowhere south of Louvain with a neogotic design by architect Joris Helleputte, famous in Belgium as an engineer, politician an architect. He made the design for a large catholic boarding school for girls, who were ‘kept safe and healthy’ in the quiet and green surroundings of the city.

The archive service to collect and catalogue the cultural heritage of this location was founded in 1986 by Sr. Leen Welkenhuyzen, keeping all sorts of heritage: archives, audiovisual collection, a historic library and museum objects. Thirty years later, a rich collection has been formed, and a lively heritage operation has been developed, managed by a non-profit association. The mission is to contribute significantly to the life story of the region by focusing on the changing interplay between religion, gender, education and culture. In conserving and sharing heritage, the perspective of the community is very important, as each generation completes its own heritage circle. Keeping this dynamic involvement in heritage alive is extermely important in heritage activities.

CEHA works together with the university (such as KADOC for instance) and with the teacher training college UCLL in order to improve the care for educational heritage and the use of it in education

Website: http://www.cultureelerfgoedannuntiatenheverlee.be/


Pierre Verhoeven 2010
Pierre Verhoeven 2010



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