PostScriptum, Greece

PostScriptum is specialized in the consultancy and deployment of software services related to Digital Heritage, including Collection Management Systems as well as web presence and new channels of communication for Museums and other organisations in the sector of culture. PostScriptum participates as a Partner in Europeana and other digital heritage EU Programmes and has acquired hands-on experience from European-wide content integration and aggregation activities, with a focus on the Europeana cluster of projects. PostScriptum represents zetcom’s MuseumPlus (a collection management system designed to meet the multi-faceted tasks required for managing museums, collections, cultural institutions and the related knowledge representations) for the Balkans, Turkey and Cyprus thus establishing strong ties to many important South East European Museums.

The experiences PostScriptum has acquired through the years of working with and technically supporting Cultural Heritage organisations, as well as the hands-on technological know-how of the Europeana related technologies, can significantly contribute to the advancement in the digital transformation process of Cultural Heritage Institutions.




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