OSZK Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Hungary

oszk-logoOSZK (the National Széchényi Library) in Budapest is an institution storing and making publicly available traditional (paper-based) and modern (electronic) library documents of the Hungarian cultural heritage. The vast collection includes several millions of books in Hungarian and Hungary-related documents, from the earliest language fragments to electronic documents which are stored divided into various collections according to the different types of documents.

The Photo and Photo Art Collection is the most recently set up collection of National Széchényi Library, which comprises as many as 40,000 glass plates, photo and film negatives made of the old and precious pieces (codices, old prints and manuscripts) of the Library’s book collection.Glass negatives immortalizing Transylvanian towns and landscapes can be related to the 1930s, while short films and shots showing primarily historical monuments originate from the 1980s. Especially valuable is the photo collection, currently under processing, which is related to World War I, as well as the 38,000 negatives, part of the legacy of the renowned photographer Károly Escher.

Website: http://www.oszk.hu/en



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