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Established in 1984, the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) preserves and makes accessible for research the archives deposited by EU institutions according to the thirty-year rule governing access to archival material. It also collects and preserves private papers of individuals, movements and international organisations involved in European integration. Finally, it facilitates research on the history of the European Union, promotes public interest in European integration and enhances transparency in the functioning of EU Institutions.
The deposits of the Historical Archives of the European Union are catalogued and searchable in an online database comprised of over 900,000 items. In addition, a newly developed multimedia platform permits online browsing of selected audiovisual holdings and digital exhibitions.

The audiovisual collections at the HAEU are an integral part of the institutional and private archives preserved there. These collections comprise a significant number of photographs, more than 8500 audio recordings (including more than 950 oral history interviews), 1500 video recordings, and an important collection of more than 2200 posters created by EU institutions.

To ensure that these materials are easily accessible, the Archives works constantly to improve their preservation conditions and consultation tools in line with new technological developments. The HAEU has invested in a bold digitization project to guarantee the durability of fragile materials and long-term public access to these materials.

Watch a video on the HAEU audiovisual holdings: https://youtu.be/cFwQBeNiuHQ?si=0ZqvC26TjolxGkyv

Image: Union of European Federalists demonstration in Brussels, 28 June 1987. Photo: Claude Schöndube / HAEU, CS-46

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